Corporate sponsorship that is safe & responsible and ensures complete operational ownership

In UAE, it is an obligation to get a local sponsor involved whilst setting up a new business. So much so that a trading company must be able to display legal documents to show that a UAE national is a shareholder. Though, this is not something which you need to worry about since BBC is well capable of providing you with reputed UAE nominees to act as your local sponsor to safeguard the financial and operational control of your business.

Our team has carried on due diligence of the highest level of the UAE market. We would be able to provide you with a local sponsor who is a UAE national/Emirati to act as a service representative of your business when you are in the process of setting up a locally licensed company in the UAE. We take into account aspects like goals, supportive nature, links and knowledge of statutory procedures, etc., to ensure that you are associated with a sponsor for a long period of time, and are able to grow in the UAE, GCC and wider Middle East region


As a business setup provider, we have a responsibility to provide our customers with the most practical and authentic business solutions to ensure their venture’s growth. We are also aware of the significance that an investor carries. This led us to developing a versatile investor right protection contract. Our investor right protection contract is in compliance with the various laws, and covers all the aspects related to business across the Emirates. We adhere strictly to the guidelines and the standard drafting format which makes our contract easy to comprehend by various courts across the UAE. Our experienced team has witnessed multiple disputes related to contractual clauses, and puts all of it to good use to ensure that the conditions are clear before putting a signature on the dotted line.

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